Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Plato / Socrates/ Jesus

Yesterday, I was shopping and stopped in at the used book store to check the children's section. -- And the classics.  I have to check the classics. -- Well, what  did they have (it is a small store), but Plato's "Republic".  It seemed to me that when discussing things, it is Plato who comes up quite a bit these days.  Plato came home with me.

As a child I learned about Socrates, his death, his wife, the Peloponnesian war and his soldiering.

Recently I read some Plato and realized that the man could write.  Very well.  Very, very, very well.

I am sure the "Republic" is already squeezed into some anthology in the house.  But this "Republic" has 400 pages, decent size print and notes down the side.   Very nice.  I lunged into the first 10 pages and recognized the Plato I had met before.  It was quite exciting, yet, I am not sure I will be make it through the entire thing.

The first discussion is of the principle of "love your friend and hate your enemy".  It turns out that though the principle is pretty much considered "just", that enlenchus wise, it is not.  Jesus would have agreed.  That's how I read it, at first lunge in.  Loving God and neighbor does not mean loving your friends and hating your enemies.

Good for Plato and Socrates, we have to say, because at least they have a point.  So far so good.  Their arguing makes at least some sense.

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