Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plato / Socrates / Jesus / 2

I read a little more in Plato coming close to the end of book one, (there are 10), and I have these images in my mind.

This is obviously a study in similarities and contrasts.  Jesus welcomes the little children that others tried to shoo away.  The Greek philosophers seem to me to have been old men talking with other men.

But Jesus, he does not send away the little children.  He teaches them.  He blesses them.  He loves them from the heart.  Out of the mouth of babes, he has perfected praise.  If I have to chose masters, I will chose him.  Or rather, he has chosen me,  not because I am a smart and hard man, which I am not,  like those in Socrates' and Plato's school;  I am acceptable to God due to his tender mercies--male, female, young, old, smart, feeble-minded, slave or free, hip or stodgy, hard-nosed or wimpy...  The diversity in Christ's kingdom is stunning and yet he is the head.

I wouldn't make it into Plato's school.

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