Saturday, February 15, 2014

Diaconate / Christian Women Leaders / Love

The role of women in the church is always divisive discussion material.

A book seems to have become available on the diaconate in the early and medieval church.   It is said to be a "fascinating" study, but there seems to be no summary of it available, and the book is not inexpensive...

There definitely needs to be a discussion around vocations.  I will be looking for it.

At the same time here are lists of 200 contemporary Christian women leaders and writers in Canada and the United States, -- with whom I can't say I am familiar.  One suspects that a few of them are not orthodox in their outlook, but the basic message of Love and Welcome has to be paramount.

I did watch this video by Becca Stevens:  " Love is the Most Powerful Force for Social Change."

We need to occupy ourselves with this subject matter.  We cannot be catechists without having love in Christ at the center.   And orthodox women can't be the only ones who don't get to say something. 

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