Friday, February 7, 2014

C.S. Lewis / "The Four Loves" / Eros must be under control, read Anna Karenina

"Thus Eros, like the other loves, but more strikingly because of his strength, sweetness, terror and high port, reveals his true status.  He cannot of himself be what, nevertheless, he must be if he is to remain Eros.  He needs help;  therefore needs to be ruled.  The god dies or becomes a demon unless he obeys God.  It would be well if, in such case, he always died.  But he may live on, mercilessly chaining together two mutual tormentors, each raw all over with the poison of hate-in-love, each ravenous to receive and implacably refusing to give, jealous, suspicious, resentful, struggling for the upper hand, determined to be free and to allow no freedom, living on 'scenes'. Read Anna Karenina, and do not fancy that such things happen only in Russia.  The lovers' old hyperbole of 'eating' eat other can come horribly near to the truth."  (p. 140)

Well, dear Anna Karenina, we read the book last year and there also was a new movie, and feminists have to comment on this sort of thing, too.  If we don't look to God first, there will be endless things to eat us up.  Better to follow Christ.  To me it goes back to the garden of Eden.  Your desire will be for your husband,and he will rule over you.


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