Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Holiday Reading

Over the holidays I read "Winnie the Pooh"!!!  For the first time, ever!  I have not even seen a Disney Movie.
I laughed some and cried some, and it was delightful.  This is the version I had, the original with the original drawings.

I also read some of it to my nieces and nephew of various ages.  And to my husband.

Hm, who is my favorite character?  Winnie, of course, is marvelous, the bear without brains but always making poems and schemes.  Eeyore reminds us of ourselves, a lot, with his depressive mood and negative and needy ways.  And so on.  You know what I am talking about.  I don't think we have anything quite so sweet in German.  As Christopher Robin said:  "Tell it to me sweetly".  Which is how it goes.

The other book was Jonathan Fisk's, which I thought quite brilliant and timely. And with-it.  And fundamental, exposing common errors.


On Amazon, you can read the beginning pages, which are quite well constructed to draw you into the problematic. Very much worth getting.  Get several copies right away because you will want to give some away.

I also started this book, which I conveniently gave to my husband as a present.  I started underlining in it all over the place, which is turning him off from reading it, he says.  I said I could get him another copy, if he'd like. -- It is a very Roman Catholic book, a little hagiographical, but still totally worth it.  I am afraid I will have underlined half the book because there is so much to learn about the men and their times.  It seems to me we don't know enough about the closing decades of the 19th century and the earlier parts of the 20th century.

You can also look inside this book on Amazon to see how it reads.  Chesterton now seems to us such a neglected and important critic and heresy hunter, I feel that for next Christmas I might want to get the collected works or a larger collection.  I've been reading him in I-books.  But an important man like that!--you don't read him in I-books.

So much.  Stuff to do.  Lot's to do.  New work...

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