Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seniors' Choir

A choir member died suddenly.

The choir is full of seniors singing for seniors.  We are always going to the lodges.

--We are not caroling today.
   There are two funerals this week for the group in town.

--This is going to happen again.
   There is a defibrillator "on site", as the sign on the door proclaims.
   (I just renewed my Standard First Aid and CPR.)

--Mostly we will miss him.
  He was one of our few men.

--In Germany, when someone died we always sang:  "Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden, so scheide nicht von mir. Wenn ich den Tod soll leiden, so tritt du dann herfuer.  Wenn mir am allerbaengsten wird um mein Herze sein, so reiss mich aus den Aengsten, Kraft deiner Angst und Pein."  (Paul Gerhardt)

It is the last verse of "O Sacred Head now Wounded" and this is a translation:

"When I must part some day, then do not part from me.  When I must suffer death, oh, then step forward.  When I will be most afraid, so tear me from my fears, by the power of your own suffering and pain."

Below a breathtaking performance.

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