Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rock the World!

A commercial arrived in the mail.  It was a heavy card with an image of young people lying around in a field.  The aim of the advertisment was to  sell something to "grey power".  The caption was:  "Do you remember the concert that rocked the world?"

Ehem.  Checking Wikipedia we find that the concert was in 1969, so it overlaps with my power of memory and that of my parents and older cousins; but no, we never heard of Woodstock where we lived and nobody I know really has ever talked about it or reminisced about it.  I wonder who did the research before they put this advertisement out in the Edmonton area.

As a high school student, I participated in a exchange to Ontario.  There were town names there like that:  Tavistock, Stratford and yes, I think Woodstock.  This is the most I can relate.

I am afraid, the advertisement is a bust with me.  Woodstock never rocked my world nor anyone's I know.

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