Thursday, December 19, 2013

Born is the King of Israel!

Mumbai, India.

How annoying this Christ is.

What is it with this crucifixion.

What is it with these people, parading him around,
preaching him from the rooftops.

The "King of the Jews".

Of all places, born and raised and died in a real place,
Judea,  Bethlehem, as foretold, and in a troubled city, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem:  peace in its name but rarely at peace.
The king of peace came to you and you killed him,
as did we.  Peace, not of this world.

At Nelson Mandela's funeral, we couldn't tell what the hymns were.
They were in another language, the parts I heard on BBC.
But "Jerusalem" was in the song.
Nelson Mandela has gone to Jerusalem with Jesus, the King.

I turned on the radio this morning to a glorious madrigal chorus
singing full-throatedly:  "Born is the Kind of Israel"!

On CBC radio, of all places.

If it weren't a "tradition", if it weren't actual, living local people singing this,
you would never get it onto CBC.

Too offensive.


Lord, we greet Thee.

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