Monday, September 23, 2013

Panels of Atheists

I sat up and watched
Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an hour's worth of panel discussion.

I enjoyed it because some interesting points were made, especially about Islam and the internet--but now it's too late in the day to write about it.  If you watch it, I think you will find it worth and hour's time spent.

What is astounding, always, is the hubris that has confessing atheists continually claiming that they are the only people who think rationally and freely.  Really, they are dogmatists of another sort, which they will never admit.  BUT they have a good vocabulary.

And sometimes they have some good points, such as:  does the wafer turn into Christ's body, as per Roman Catholicism. -- Obviously the bread is still bread, chemically speaking.  Even Luther proclaimed this five hundred years ago, before Chemistry.  So we don't really need Richard Dawkins for this enlightening tidbit.  (He just thinks that slime turns into DNA somehow.  I don't know about you Richard.  I think we should question your sanity, too.)

Sam Harris closing with the wistful thought "what will I do with the Santa Claus shaped hole in my life?"  Was somewhat ironic.  Only barely would they acknowledge that human life is about something more beyond "science".

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