Saturday, July 6, 2013

Good comments on marriage and human rights

"No, the argument against SSM is a natural law argument. Or, as Milbank says, for 'the individual, the experience of a natural-cultural unity is most fundamentally felt in the sense that her natural birth is from an interpersonal (and so ‘cultural’) act of loving encounter – even if this be but a one-night stand. This provides a sense that one’s very biological roots are suffused with an interpersonal narrative.'" 

I'll print it out and discuss it with my husband.  I need to get this point understood better.
My own thoughts so far are, as mentioned before in a post called "Children's Rights", are that
children are not like puppies.  They essentially belong to the couple who conceived them, flesh and blood and love and so on.

As an adoptive parent, I also know well what it is to raise a person who is not genetically your own child.  It is not hard to do.  It is very easy to develop a great devotion to someone not your own flesh and blood.  BUT for the child it is a different matter.  The child needs to know, needs to know her own father, her own mother, her own background.  It is a human right.  She needs to know why she was placed.  She needs to know that the reason was good and solid.  She needs to understand.  She needs to find out and accept.

A little boy or girl is a child conceived in human love.  A little boy or girl is not a pet.  We need to differentiate between the animal kingdom and ourselves.  We are different.  You could sneak a different egg into a bird's nest and the baby bird would never know that it wasn't taken care of by the parent bird. A human being has the right to know and the right to have a proper reason why he or she was not raised by genetic parents. Even off-spring from sperm-donations are looking for their fathers.  It cannot be denied.

We are not monkeys.  Darwin was wrong.  Does that come into play here?

HE made them Male and Female.  We are created to be superior in consciousness, rationality, emotionality, morality, language, soulfulness (see the last few posts on Nagel's Mind and Cosmos).  And not only are we human, not monkey, we are also male and female with significant differences.

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