Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post-Christian Apologists

Driving home, yesterday, I listened to an interview with an ex-Pentecostal preacher from the American religious south.  He said about 60% of the people there are Pentecostal and 30% of the people are Baptist, and the remaining 10% are everything else.  He was from the backwoods of Louisiana, where towns and cities are called "parishes", to this day.  I forget his name and his book's title.   Jeff was the first name.

Well, if I had grown up Pentecostal, I don't quite know what I'd have to say today.  I have heard Pentecostal preachers and have not believed a word they said. They have always struck me as charlatans.  The man said that he got a high out of preaching and moving the people and himself into a sort of frenzy or emotional experience.  This is the very thing which my denomination is not trying to do, dubbing itself the "frozen chosen", in self-reproach.  But in fact, there is a deep and meaningful emotional experience that is not frenzy- like or brain dead, which some people don't seem to get. But, be that as it may.  Our ex-preacher, now is somehow connected to a clergy project, which who knows what that is or is aiming for exactly, seems to need to "out" all those disaffected with their churches, and making great, big announcement and splashes about their fall from faith, and then make more splashes about those who may be angered by what they do and say.

So in the end, they may say and critique whatever they like but no one can critique them, because that is unfair.  I have observed this a few times now.  And though I've never read Ann Coulter, I have come across this snippet of hers:  "A liberal is someone who has one set of rules for himself and another set of rules for everyone else."  This seems to be the corollary to the consciousness raising they need to effect in other people.  In the name of love, and mental development and all sorts of worthy causes, they may now be unloving, anti-intellectual, rude, accusing, etc.  In the name of getting rid of other people's biases and idiocy, they may use any means (while decrying theirs).

Anyhow, ex-preacher is now on book and speaking tour, getting interviews on our beloved CBC, and so on.  All the while this, as the world is burning and millions are persecuted for their faith all around the world.  While the Middle-East is loosing its ancient, indigenous remaining Christian population.  While churches are bombed and bull-dozed and worshipers attacked.   While all that, we need to hear about in-your-face-ex-Pentecostal's emotional woes.  I am not saying that we don't need to hear his point of view, but it seems that there is a concerted effort to unleash a horde of these kinds of critics.  It's whoever the media makes out to be the victim.


While driving around this morning, this story came up again with some letters of feedback read.
Here is a link to the interview.  We see that commenting is closed.  The interview was with Jerry DeWitt on CBC with  Jian Ghomeshi.  As some people said:  why is this story on my public broadcaster?  

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