Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Knitting Project

Here is my knitting project.  I purchased Balustrade pattern online for $5.00 and it is my first lace project.  I am finding it very suspenseful to see how the thing works out.  The silk and merino wool was cheaper from Amazon than my local shop.  I feel a little bad about shopping at Amazon for it.  Overall, it is a harmless hobby that is giving me relaxation and excitement at the same time.

People who have knitted Balustrade Cowl will note where I have gone wrong, right about row 10, where the ladder pattern was supposed to be off-set.  Oh, well.  I like it this way, too.

This winter turned out to be so long, though it seems over now, that I've begun to comfort myself with learning knitting skills.  I may have mentioned this before.  Youtube is really amazing for learning new practical tasks with the availability of so many demonstrations willingly shared by caring experts.  In the olden days, people might have kept some of their skills secret, seeing they had the better recipe than the neighbor... and other silly things.  What a boon for us.  We can just keep learning.

Some say that knitting is undergoing a revival because of Youtube.  Certainly, I will add knitting to my drug-free and calorie-free comforts. There really is a meditative quality to it.  People also come and talk to you, but because you are sitting there just busy with your hands.  This is interesting.

The top choice for drug-free happiness for me is usually singing, which is also more aerobic, therefore, actually is better for me...  Anyhow, the learning of new patterns must be good for the old brain, though the purchasing of fancy wools is also more expensive than singing.  Bottomline:  can't beat singing for anything, hands down.  You can do it anywhere and gives a free boost. Very portable, healthy and even infectiously joyful.  Or sad.  Whatever the mood that is required.

But knitting is teaching me other methods for having fun, for thinking, for relating, for gaining patience and wisdom.

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