Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hymn Book

I just want to mention one more time this really very good hymn book.  It is the latest state church hymnal from the ev. luth. church in Germany.  It looks very modern, has a size and thickness for holding, is color-coded and besides the hymns contains many images and poems.   I picked it up last time I was in Aschaffenburg.

Here is a link which also has a review I wrote as Simul.

Recently, at a music workshop at Concordia, someone had brought back the Posaunenchor book (brass band book) to go with the hymnal.  It has the same kind of cover and is obviously co-ordinated with the hymn book.  I have not yet tried to locate it on Amazon.

Just because it's spring and I feel like it I will add a of pictures of this trip.

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