Friday, April 5, 2013

Weekend is nigh, rambling.

It's snowing, again;  my sisters family is coming for the weekend... and I'm trying to throw out the old newspapers but end up reading some of the articles.

Here is one:

On classical liberalism:  a church without a congregation.

I am not sure what it means.  But I'm also reading Chesterton's  "What I saw in America".  Surely, there is a link, if I think about it some more.  Chesterton is assuaging my feelings over meeting Americans in person or on-line.  He gives me the best laughs of the day.  I try to read it to my husband but all he hears is verbosity.  What do you do with him.

I'm also reading Cervantes Don Quixote, in the unabridged version. Also here we have good laughs and plenty of verbosity.  Me thinks, it wouldn't work for the hubby either.  Last night I got to the point were Don Quixote's curate (pastor, priest) wishes to ban and burn all the books and romances that Don Quixote has read and have perverted his mind.  Funny.  After the Bible, there must have been printed these forsaken "romances".  Don Quixote, itself, is pretty much the first novel ever written.  800 pages in this small print.  Why am I not reading it in I-books?

So much.  What is the bottom-line?  How are we like Don Quixote?  How is American liberalism like Don Quixote?  How are we "dogmatists" like Don Quixote?  How is it that the 10 commandments are always true, and progressiveness always has to charge and change.  How is it that the Rights of Man can be different from country to country, though self-evident? How is it that science keeps claiming ultimate truth but also says we are evolving.  How is it that marriage was between a man and women for thousands of years, but now it is a bigotry to say so?  How is it that one must not say a word against Darwinian evolution though it has no idea how life arose or how information was generated, or how there could possibly be a mechanism of change or adding new information?  Don't get me going.  I shall heave out the stack of newspapers now.

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