Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Women

Easter  Women

Who handles the dead body?
Who dares, who wants to?
The Mary’s do, and Joanna and Salome.
--The body, almost an afterthought after the trauma.
Where have they laid it?

What with it?
Call the funeral home, the police, the coroner.
--slow down.
Don’t pass it by. 
Don’t pass it up.
Have another look.
Take another prayer.
Take courage.
Stroke the hair,
The cheek,
The mouth,
Anoint it with aloe or with tears.
Fulfill this last task of love.
It will be your last chance,
To touch, to hold,
This precious body,
Warm or cold,
Ruddy or gray,
Limp or stiff...
This was your boy,
Your lover,
Your dear one.
The body goes to dust,
But you still have it a moment longer.
Linger with it.
Love it.
Don’t panic.
Fear not.
Peace be with you.
The Lord is with you.
The Lord of Life.
It may not seem it now. 

By me, yesterday.


Myrtle said...

This is a beautiful reminder to take the time we need to process and grieve the ones we lose, even from the first moment. Thank you for sharing.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for your support, Myrtle.