Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Short quote from Luther on Psalm 23


We should, then, learn from this psalm not to despise God’s Word. We should hear and learn it, love and respect it, and join the little flock in which we find it, and, on the other hand, flee and avoid those that revile and persecute it. Wherever this blessed light does not shine, there neither happiness nor salvation can be found, neither strength nor comfort of body or soul, but only dissension, fear, and terror, especially when sorrow, anxiety, and bitter death threaten. As the prophet says (Is. 48:22), however, the wicked never have peace, regardless of whether they prosper or fail. For when they prosper, they grow presumptuous, haughty, and proud, and they forget our Lord God. Their only boast and trust is in their power, riches, wisdom, and holiness. These they are concerned to keep and increase while they persecute and suppress those that hinder them. But when their fortunes change, as eventually they surely must—for the tender Virgin Mary is a most truthful singer, and she has never missed even a single note in her song—then they are the most miserable and sorrowful people, who speedily despair and lose heart. What ails them? They do not know where and how they may seek comfort. They do not have God’s Word, which alone can properly teach patience and good cheer in affliction (Rom. 15:4)

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