Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making the sign of the cross / two links

I think these two links about making the sign of the cross are very good. -- I've also come to making the sign of the cross later in life, having been raised on the thought that only Roman Catholics do that and they are a superstitious lot.  And I have to say that Luther's and Lewis' points are well taken.  There is something objective about the action which makes it kind of sacramental, though you do it by yourself.  But you don't really do it by yourself.  In the remembrance of your baptism you remember and feel the inclusion you have and enjoy in the baptized membership and blessed body of Christ, the church, his presence with you in this very moment, whether happy or sad, the reality of your acceptance and forgiveness, the hope for the future, which belongs to us by birthright, through baptism, together, baptized into his death.  It is a great comfort and it is good to talk about it.

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