Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hitchens Who? Funny how real life is.

We live in the wild west.  People drink beer, watch hockey, women scrapbook.  Many golf when it is not winter, which is not much of the year.  Many have horses...

I am stereotyping.  They are dear.  But say to one of them:  "Christopher Hitchens died."  They say:  "Who is that?"  This is why I can't give up my on-line life, though I often wish I did.

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Gerhardt said...


Re Hitchen's, Who?....Ask the pyjama pant crowd at Tim Horton's who Bach or Michelangelo were and you'd likely get the same blank response. Hitchen's wouldn't remotely be on their radar, so don't sweat it, Brigitte.

A few of Hitchen's friends have yet to discover that God will not be mocked. One day their ears, too, will be boxed! The non-elect will be among us to the end.

Was ist Spät? Was ist Früh? Again, God is not mocked.


Brigitte said...

You are right Gerhadt. You need to get on Facebook and develop a friend list and share some things. I would surely appreciate them.

But real life. Well Facebook gets a little closer to real life, except our generation is not represented very well. It needs to get out there.

Steve Martin said...

Not that I happen to be a reserve of knowledge...but sometimes I think there is much to be said of the old axiom, "Ignorance is bliss".

Around these parts (though) you can receive blank stares from university students at the mention of anyone along the lines of a Hitchens.

But they are up on all matter of info. regarding the entertainment culture.


Brigitte said...

True, but head in the sand, does not work either.