Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Atheists have no songs."

This one is by Steve Martin, the comedian.

I came across this tonight on Facebook, the day Christopher Hitchens died.  He will be missed.  He was often wrong, speaking out bitterly on subjects he was not an expert on, but he had a powerful command of the language and delivered his rants impressively.  I am grieving somewhat.  We will no longer hear his voice on current concerns, however scathing the commentary often was.


Steve Martin said...

I will miss him too. I never met him. I disagreed with him on many things. But he had a very likeable quality to him.

I do pray that the Lord might have mercy on him.

He didn't deserve God's love and mercy, but then neither do I.

James Swan said...

Thanks, I sent this to a number of people.

If I recall correctly, Steve Martin majored in philosophy

Brigitte said...

Thanks, James. In German we also have a saying: "Where they sing, I will settle myself down. Bad people don't have songs."

It makes me think of all the pop music, nowadays. It's not really for singing together. It's great for exercise.

It also reminds me of my departed son's cello teacher, an amazing woman from Poland, not particularly religious, who would say to parents who might complain about having "religious" songs in recitals and music productions--that there are indeed hardly any songs that are not religious or patriotic.

Brigitte said...

Or romantic. Some people don't like that either.