Friday, September 30, 2011

Pastor Nadarkhani

It really is quite incredible. Last week, a convicted murderer, Troy Davis, was finally executed in the United States, and it seemed as though the entire British (and EU) Establishment arose to denounce the barbarism. Even Pope Benedict XVIappealed for clemency. 
Yet today, Iran is scheduled to hang a Christian pastor for 'apostasy', and the collective silence from our scurvy politicians, trappist churchmen and hypocritical media is positively deafening.

From here:

My prayers are with all Arab brothers and sisters and have been for some time.  May the Arab spring serve freedom and the Gospel of Christ.  May the Lord have mercy on this man and his family and grant all strength in these trials.  May his good and gracious will be done also in Iran.

Human Rights Watch has this on the situation in Iran and some facts about Nadarkhani.

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Steve Martin said...

God bless you for bringing up this travesty.

I too, am praying for the Arab and Persian and Indonesian Christians and wherever else they are being persecuted for the faith.