Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reason as the judge of biblical truth

Becker, p. 97. 

By faith we see just the opposite of what we experience with our senses. In death the Christian sees life. In God's wrath and judgment we see righteousness. In the bad conscience we see peace and salvation...

So also God lets all his works stand in contradiction to reason, so that reason judges that nothing can come of them and that his words and promises are nothing at all. But God acts as he does because he wants to put proud reason to shame and to accustom is saints to trust in him alone.  This is an important and very practical lesson, for when evil days come to the child of God, he must learn that God always hides his "Yes" under a "No.

From The Foolishness of God by Siegbert Becker (c) 1982 Northwestern
Publishing House (www.nph.net). All rights reserved. Reprinted with

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