Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The summer is so short here, I think I will take a complete break from the blog until fall/winter.

Meanwhile, I'll try and get through the books I have on the go, which is the remaining Brecht and two Obermans, the new book on Natural Law, and M. Carver's Valerius Herberger.  Also, I'm reading some Walther to my husband.  On top of that a friend lent me two huge novels and someone else some Dostoevsky.  These will easily take me to the fall.

Blessed, safe travels and summer.  Visit me by e-mail, FB, or even better, in person!


Steve Martin said...

Enjoy your break and have a wonderful Summer, Brigitte.

Brigitte said...

Thank you, Steve. Same to you. Have a good summer. May it bring a vacation, no matter how short. :)