Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter dinner

Easter Dinner here:  topics of conversation:  American deficit, currencies, Canadian election.

Puppy did not chew up any shoes.

It's nice out now.  We're getting into biking.


Anonymous said...

Did you and Martin get a puppy??!! Or perhaps he was only an Easter visitor? I'd like to see his front end! :)
I pray you experienced Easter joy despite missing the loved ones around your table.
Love in Jesus,

Brigitte said...

Hi Ruth! It's our "grand-puppy". Yes, funny you miss your missing ones more when everyone else is there. It's hard to see everyone grow up and older and Stefan is not there. It can't be helped but there will always be this hole and regret.

Brigitte said...

I hope you had a good holiday, too. Greetings to the family.