Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Ahead

We've had a little reprieve from the cold weather and tons of snow, but temperatures are expected to plunge again. We are scheduled for cross country skiing with a group, which we have not been doing much of over the years.  So I hope not to be hurting or straining anything.  Last time I injured my right hand on the Olympic Nordic ski track in Canmore in the Rocky Mountains on the downhill stretch and was in pain in my right hand from it for 6 months.

And we don't have any ski pants that fit.  Well, Martin might have some which need mending.  But they look a little small, too.  Maybe they are not his.

On the upside, we also have dinner guests this weekend and the food has been bought at the ethnic German butcher shop.  Maybe there will be potato dumplings to go with this.

I am somehow tired from a number of things including commenting at Called to Communion which made me sad.

Current reading includes the Luther Biography by Martin Brecht, which came this week.  It is very enjoyable material.  I will be glad to study it.  This will take some time but not feel like a chore.  I am only on page 60, beginning in the second book for some  reason.  We just finished the circumstances surrounding the translating of the New Testament. 

Now to the unpacking of groceries and boxes and checking snow pants.  I hope everybody stays happy and safe over the weekend.

Martin Luther 1521-1532: Shaping and Defining the Reformation


Steve Martin said...

"...somehow tired"?

It is very tiring when people refuse to let God be God.

I think the clay is baked, over there.

But, you never know when the Word is presented, it will make it's own way.

Brigitte said...

As in "brick" and "wall". I was also thinking: "You strain a gnat and swallow a camel". The Lord have mercy on us all and help us.

James Swan said...

I'm about 300 pages into the current volume of Luther's Works (vol. 58). The short sermons in this volume are from the last few years of his life.

Great stuff.

Brigitte said...

Interesting. Do you find later sermons different?

I've been watching TV tonight, the CBC's Passionate Eye, "Butros, the village that did not give up." There is the non-violent protest against the fence building on Palestinian land and the ruining of olive trees. Liberal Israelis and international protestes join the Palestinians. Fascinating.

James Swan said...

Do you find later sermons different?

Only in some of the historical situations going on at the time. That is, some of trhe sermons are directly the result of what was happening.

Some of the sermons are quirky. There are a few in which Luther's fairly angry, so it's all law.