Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King and his name

Cute little clip and theory on Martin Luther King's naming.

From Steve.  Thanks.

Plenty of inaccuracies, though--trying to make it short and catchy, I guess.  Why does not anyone check what they write or say?  These are not ancient legends, but all verifiable, thoroughly documented histories of great importance.  Does make you wonder how true the little anecdote re Martin Luther King Junior is.

Still it's nice to see the names connected, since North Americans only seem to have ever heard of Martin Luther King.


Steve Martin said...

I e-mailed the gentleman who produced and is in the video, and he said this:

"Although officially there is some doubt about this version but it is
by far the most accepted version of events and it certainly correlates with all his travels and even himself when previously interviewed."

I e-mailed him back and told him how I thought it was interesting how Martin Luther had also changed his name from 'Luder' to 'Luther', so it would have the 'th' sound which mimicks 'elutheria' the Greek (koine?) word for 'freedom'.

Brigitte said...

Nice. I didn't know that. Thanks.