Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For a change of scenery: Zwingenberg

In this town I spent a considerable amount of time visiting my grandmother and grandfather on my mothers side.  Many other dear relatives of mine still reside there.  The medieval city wall is 800 years old.  My parents were married in the "Bergkirche" (mountain church).  My cousins and their children are married, baptized, etc. there still.  I used to go to this church with my grandpa and because he was an elder we would go early and pray with the pastor and the organist.  From this custom, I always appreciated it when the pastor comes early and prays with the organist.

On the market square is the city hall (visible in middle picture), where my grandpa worked in the finance department.  The family name goes back in this town for centuries.

The Thanksgiving picture is a plaque that was given to my grandpa for a special birthday.  The words behind on the wood are:  "Alles was Odem hat lobe den Herrn"  ("Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.")

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