Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Saints Day/ Baptism Birthday

Today we celebrated All Saints' Day and sang a number of tremendous hymns to Gary's uplifting organ playing.  Indeed, through Christ's precious blood we are made his saints.  Our robes have been made white through the blood of the lamb. Through joys and tribulations we make pilgrimage through this life until we reach our real home.  

I post this picture because it is the time of year when I was baptized (and that is me, there, arrayed in white), and because of the dear saints there surrounding me.  My parents and all my grandparents are there;  and they have all gone on a long time ago.  Each one of them took time to teach me the Bible, prayers and songs, beautiful things from the hymnbook, and sing and pray with me.  You knew it was the most precious thing to each of them. 

There I am this little thing brought by such witnesses and given such great gifts.  My grandpa Wilhelm, especially, prayed for all of us without ceasing and I still feel that much good has come my way from his intercession.  How much to be grateful for!


Gerhardt said... you are the 'littlest host arrayed in white' in this interesting pic? How nice, where was this taken? The pastor?

Brigitte said...

The pastor was Rev. Dr. Born, so says the certificate. The place is St. Michael's church in Hofstetten, Kreis Obernburg.