Friday, October 29, 2010

Trip Report 4

The remaining memorial sites in that area:  Korean and Lincoln--for Gerhardt. 

I don't know anything at all about the Korean war I realized just now.  On the civil war we have an excellent video set which features a lot of reading and poetry from the time, all kinds of excerpts, in case any one wants to borrow it. 

The loss of life in all these conflicts is just staggering.  In my little brain, I keep saying though, we have so many young people lost nowadays to road accidents, drugs and suicide, irresponsible behaviors of myriad kinds, we are in a different kind of war.  My neighbor and I added up the young people lost to accidents and suicides in our neighborhood of 40 houses and the farms a mile or two around (rural area is in miles because of the quartersections), we added up 10 people in the last five years or so.  Just as staggering, also, to me.

Also a picture of my lunch soaking in the fall sun and a picture of my lunch partner, are found at the end.



Gerhardt said...


Are the figures in the Korean War Memorial the American version of the terracotta warriors? and what are the two ladies doing on their knees before Mr. Lincoln. Praying?

Brigitte said...

I don't think they are praying. It looks to me like a combination of special time spent with a child and reverence for the occasion.