Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Uncle

My Uncle Gotthold died in Germany today. 

He was my father's youngest sister's husband and a good friend of our family.  His children, of course, are my cousins and they have been keeping in touch with us emigres. 

He was always very good to us and often provided accommodation and intelligent conversation for us on our visits.  He loved to talk politics and sometimes religion.  He had a understated, yet sometimes "wicked" wit, smiling gently at his own smart jokes, and loved to lecture on exalted topics. He was a pastor's son, studied to be a preacher, became a career soldier and then social worker for ex-convicts. He had a great sensitivity.  He and my aunt visited us often in Canada. 

I will be missing the funeral.  I  miss all the funerals of the extended family.  I missed the funerals of every single one of my grandparents.  This is a bad part of living so far away.  Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the clan, as well as gratitude for the many warm favors I have enjoyed from him and my aunt.  His Savior he knew, I am assured by my cousin.  Lord be with my dear ones.

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Steve Martin said...

I pray that the Lord will have mercy on your Uncle, and comfort you and your family with your loss.

It is tough to be so far away from family at times like this.