Thursday, September 9, 2010

Put in an order with CPH-- "Hymnal in every Home" Sale

Noticing that my stock of books is low in some areas, I took advantage of the sale of hymnals at CPH, today.  Below, see all that I have left.

The Book of Concords were once a box of 10 on sale.  The Large Catechisms were once a box of 20.  There are still quite a few, but I was hoping we would use them with the study guide in church, (maybe this will happen, but excellent for individual and family study, too).

So, seeing that there are no hymnals left, I ordered ten of them, and noting that there are no "Through Faith Alone" devotion books, I ordered six (one of my favorite books, altogether), and seeing that there is only one Small Catechism with Explanations, I ordered six, also.  With shipping, this is still an expensive order and will take at least four weeks to get here, maybe six.  Alas, but we are unspeakably greatful for such excellent resources.  Thank you CPH!

I would like some more Treasury's, too, but I will wait for when they are on sale, again.  I have gone through about 15 of them. I also should get some of Gene Veith's books, next.

People ask me what I do with them.  Besides enjoying them myself or with my husband, when appropriate, I sell them for what I paid for them.  Most of the time, I give them as presents for occasions or no occasions, or for having had a conversation of spiritual nature with someone. 

On a slightly different note, for our daily devotion, another picture I took this morning from my old German hymnal.

It says:  "It is God's pleasure and honor, that he wants to give much."

He also gives us so much in these beautiful books, words and songs.


Bror Erickson said...

God Bless you, Brigitte, the quintessential Burning Juniper, which Luther says is a true Christian witnessing to the faith in works and words. (letters of Spiritual Counsel 204-205).
I think you probably do more to disseminate Lutheran materials than CPH!
Hey maybe in retirement you could start a Christian Book Store, and sell Lutheran Books alongside Hummel dolls...
Warms my heart to hear about your orders.

Brigitte said...

My very dearest Bror: you have me completely wrong. Hummel figurines! How can you say such a thing. That is the previous generation's kitschy flavor decor.

How could you even say such a thing, really. That's like right there with polka music, when I come from Bach Cantata singing stock.

Anonymous said...

'Gitte'....what about Meißen or Rosenthal china? They are totally compatible with Bach Cantata singing stock! These were some of August der Stärke's favorite things along with Bach's Cantata's, etc.

Brigitte said...

Dear Anonymous: I know only one person who will spell Meissen properly, here.

Sorry, I don't think we will have any knick knacks or dishes in the Lutheran book store. No Meissen, no Rosenthal and no Hummel.

Bror Erickson said...

Somehow, Brigitte, I knew that would get your goat...
I was just trying to think. I mean ever Christian Bookstore I have ever been in has had kitsch, and so I was trying to think of what kitsch a Lutheran Bookstore would have. Hummel dolls came to mind, because I like to tease Germans about those hideous things they plagued us with.

Brigitte said...

I know you are being witty.