Thursday, August 19, 2010

God's own Child, I Gladly Say It.

Speaking about hymns.  The other night I went walking to Pastor Weedon's talk from Issues, ect. and enjoyed it very much.  Do listen to it :

My husband and I talked about the hymn discussed:  "God's own Child, I gladly say it."  LSB #594.   Neither one of us has ever sung it before, and it made Issues etc. listeners' Favorite Hymn.  So I sang it for him, the best I could.  Then I found it in the German hymn book.  I don't recall having sung that before either. 

Isn't that strange.  A favorite hymn of many we've never sung.  These hymn studies on Issues are a great idea!


Rob Olson said...

I agree. What a wonderful hymn. (And what a wonderful pastor Wil Weedon is.) :-D

Rob Olson said...

God bless you and your husband. Having stumbled upon your blog, I just read your profile. I am sorry that you lost your son in '09. God bless you both!


Ps. My wife is from Upper Austria.

Brigitte said...

Thank you kindly, Rob Olson. God bless your family, too.

I'm getting pretty fired up about these hymns and studies. I think I will put the talks on CD's and make some albums of CD's and give them as Christmas presents. The pastors do such a good job. It's fantastic. Thank the Lord, for their work.