Thursday, July 8, 2010

More relatives

My other elderly relatives are coming from Vancouver.  What a pleasure!  I have scrounged up two wheelchairs for them.  Pray, nobody has any emergencies. 


Anonymous said...

I had a pretty good laugh at this one. Most people worry about fresh linens with company not mobility devices. However, it is much the same for us at nuts in the coffee cake as someone might chip their dentures :)
Marilyn M.

Brigitte said...

Marilyn M. please feel free to come to the wedding, if you like. Anyone. It's not far for you.

There is lots of room and Esther is putting on a cake reception in the foyer afterward. Stefan's birthsiblings and are flowergirl and ringbearer, and also Peter's girls are flowergirls. Andrea's birthsiblings are doing the scripture readings, and I have to light some kind of candle.

I wonder how much of a basket case I will be, or if the adrenalin and work involved will carry me through. Anyways, bringing the tissue paper.