Saturday, July 31, 2010

Drumheller, Alberta, Summer 2010

Someone (!) thought Drumheller is all plastic dinosaurs and famous museums bowing to evolutionary biological orthodoxy.  Ha!  We skipped the famous, heretical museum, however, I did collect dinosaurs for Someone, who is herewith challenged to pick his favorite dinosaur picture.  Personally, I think many of them are quite tasteful and artistic.  I think I like the huge T-Rex the best myself. 

Quite amazing was the lushness with which the badland's presented themselves this year due to the unusual rainfalls. 


Anonymous said...

Is that a free outdoor spray park for the kids? We might have to make a trip. I heard that there is somekind of dinosaur attraction near Gibbons?
Marilyn M.

Brigitte said...

Dearest Marilyn M.: it is indeed a free outdoor splash pool and spray park! You must go. Also the coal car train ride at the Atlas coal mine is very boy child friendly. The guide involved the children very well.

Yes, and Gibbons has the new attraction of it's Jurassic Park, or whatever it is called. I haven't been there. If you are going, though, take me along and come for dinner.