Friday, May 14, 2010

It's getting there, almost spring.

I wanted to split some perennial plants the other day, but they are as yet nowhere to be seen.  Garden is still dormant. 

I'm flying to Vancouver for the weekend.  No emergency.  Martin wants me to attend something.

Starting Weight Watchers with a friend.  It's time.   Breakfast today:  yoghurt with All  bran.  Not too bad.

See Mother's Day visit with my nieces.

I'm taking one of those new large catechism with me. I'm meeting someone who needs one;  I'm not sure he agrees yet.  He took theology through the United Church and had all faith killed during his training.

There are so many people I've not seen over the winter or since Christmas.  I can't wait to see everyone for the coming events.  You may pray for God's blessing on all endeavors.  Thanks, yours, signing off for a bit.


Bror Erickson said...

"I'm taking one of those new large catechism with me. I'm meeting someone who needs one; I'm not sure he agrees yet. He took theology through the United Church and had all faith killed during his training."
I don't get it. If you don't believe why are you teaching? These profs who have their faith killed, and yet stand up there day after day supposedly teaching the faith, but doing nothing but trying to kill is. Sad.

Brigitte said...

Well, this particular guy does not teach. He is involved in the investment industry. I did talk with him. He is neither friend nor relative. It took a little guts. But he has talked about this stuff frankly before.

He said something to this effect to me:

He has explored the Christian "God-myth" and he really likes it the best and would really like to believe in it, especially because of the idea of eternal life and seeing your loved ones again. But, alas, he has let it go and he is exploring the Asian "god-myths". We talked about the deconstruction in the United Church and about Luther and Augustin and the "word" and forgiveness of sins.

He did not want the catechism initially and would take it only if he could give it back. I said, of course, he could give it back and I gave him my address. Later he said he would read it on the airplane. He is a very cultured and gentle man, tall and soft spoken. He would have made a nice pastor, if it had worked out.

We talked about some other stuff, too, and I think it was all pretty good.

Your point, however, about people teaching this faith-killing stuff, is really beyond comprehension. It makes one think of the child-abusing priests. Just a horror.

The other day, was it on Cranach?, someone was talking about the Finish conservative guy talking about how the liberals really are the anti-Christ these days. Who is this guy again and what are we referring to? Did someone write something important on that? Sorry, I'm totally vague, wouldn't mind getting cleared up.

Brigitte said...

(I was just going to say, that I don't think that a nice pastor should be tall and soft spoken. There are many different kinds of people and many different kinds of gifts and strengths. He just struck me as a very nice man.)

Bror Erickson said...

not Finnish! Fredrik Sidenvall is a Swede, and a brilliant theologian. He wrote on what you are referring to I haven't seen the paper yet.

Brigitte said...

Not Finnish! But Swedish! How could I get that wrong!

We will have to get our hands on some Frederik Sidenvall. That's a different last name. You've read some other things by him.