Friday, April 2, 2010

"Surely he has born our griefs..."

This bit of Handel has been turned into rock-like music.  I have to say I  really like it.  And Isaiah!  What would we do without Isaiah.

I went to the interdenom cross walk today because I'm in the choir, who sang "Ave verum corpus" in Latin, which did not do anybody any good, since nobody knows what anything means.  There was also a drama in which Jesus never said anything at all, not even that he was king or truth.  There also was a shocking talk about social justice and rising up against your employer.  To go or not to go to these things?  It gives you a point of discussion with the people along the way.  Ehem,-- like,-- Jesus is king and truth and he died to take away our sins, that was the reason. 

I have to say nobody in our town today said it as well or clearly as Isaiah, who got read a few times, praise God.

Below is high-jacked from Matt Harrison's blog from a Luther sermon.

In recording the events of the suffering of Christ, the Evangelists always repeat these words, 'These things happened so that the Scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled,' for everything that Christ suffered happened in accord with Holy Scripture. for that reason the Evangelists not only record the events of Christ's suffering, but also repeat, 'This happened that the scriptures might be fulfilled.' As though they wished to say, Ask
the prophets about it; they will tell you why Christ suffered. Great and severe is his suffering, his martyrdom, and the cross; but great also is his love, compassion, ardor, and all-encompassing grace toward us, in that the devout Lord and Savior with his suffering and death fulfilled the Scriptures for our sake.

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Steve Martin said...

I guess it's a good thing that you go to these things, Brigitte.

At least the people that you have a chance to speak to, get to hear the gospel.

The interdominational service near us had a rabbi give the semon and it was about anti-semitism in the Gospel of John.

(I didn't go - I heard about it)

Enough to make you cry.