Friday, April 23, 2010


I have to put in a little "Sendepause"  (break in the broadcasting) for half a dozen reasons, all of them good; not to worry.

It did rain here, today, which was wonderful, the last rain having been experienced more than 6 months ago.  We can use more.

I will leave you with a pretty picture for now. 

It is the Sturgeon River which snakes through the Sturgeon County here.  The largest animal I've run into is a moose, the prickliest was a porcupine family.  The beaver I can see about on 50% of the evenings.  Coyotes are everywhere because of the nearby poultry farms.  Sometimes they howl in packs nearby.  I don't know if that's safe or not, but I've walked down there for 20 years.  Somebody once suggested, it should be safer with my border collie along.  Somehow, I could not imagine that.  She was such an easily scared dog.  When the coyotes howled she would press right in on me and start with a deep, gutteral growl, with her head held low.  It seemed kind of primeval.  Or she would sit back with the head up and howl straight into the air, like a wolf.


Steve Martin said...

What a beautiful photo!

That looks like the perfect place for coyotes to hang out!

Wow! Moose, beavers, porcupines...I once saw a pink flamingo around here...but on closer examination, it was plastic.

Gerhardt said...

Hoffentlich die Sendepause ist sehr kurz; Wir warten, begeistert auf deine Rückkehr!

Nice view from your property.

Brigitte said...

Thanks guys for always encouraging. But I seriously have to try and cut back some. The wedding is maybe about 10 weeks away. I started a job. I put on another 5 pounds over the winter... AAAHHHH! (screaming).

Gary you must find some time to come out with your family; send me some dates.