Monday, April 12, 2010

Bavarian Hymnal 2

Re: confession and absolution.  I read it only very quickly but the link that JonSLC provided in a comment to last post was very interesting.  It shows that there is a varied history to the practice conditioned by various circumstances. 

I am still examining the Bavarian Hymnal though.  It is very beautiful, lovely colors on white paper, just melodies for the first verse, drawings, poems, quotes throughout, all the great old hymns, and many attempts to draw people into the use of it and help understand the service, and so on.

I am kind of stopped on the first page right now. 

It says:  The song portion of the book contains the common treasury of hymns of all the member churches of the Evangelische church in Germany, the  Evangelischen churches of Augsburg and Helvetic confessions in Austria and the Reformed church in the Alsace and Lorraine.  In the extended section you find the songs which find regional meaning in Bavaria and Thuringia.  

What does this mean?  What is the territorial church these days? 

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