Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About the "Gospel" / 2 / N.T. Wright on John's gospel and Bach's opening Chorus to St. John's passion "Herr unser Herrscher"

The post on Bach's opening chorus of the St. John's Passion I made during this lent, has received quite few Google hits. I noticed that you can find online a talk by Bishop N.T. Wright (see link above) that talks about Bach's chorus, the gospel according to John and a "whole" gospel.  Yet, he also manages to do this without mentioning the forgiveness of sins.  There is a trend here.  Everywhere I read about the "whole" gospel for the "whole" man, for the "whole" world, or whatever, it's not really about forgiving my sins, not the ones for the today.  The "whole" gospel is so vague, but it really seems to be designed to detract from-- the forgiveness of sins.  A substitution.

(See previous post, also)

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