Friday, March 5, 2010


You probably think I'm a little mixed up this year.  You could say that--or just a couple of weeks behind.
Over Christmas, I was weeping, bewailing my losses, the beginning of Lent I was translating a Christmas hymn.  But I do know where we are. 

I also skipped Valentine's Day, on which I thought about posting an old picture of myself and husband, then I got shy about it. I don't know why.  We're a good looking couple, hey! Thankfully, somebody, apparently, had me take my glasses of. (Weren't they large back then.)  Here is a the picture from our engagement time and was taken for the church directory.

This past Valentine's day there were stories in the paper about couples who've been married for a very long time sharing their secrets for making it happen.  They never went to bed angry, they had fun, etc.  One had a good line:  "When you're wrong admit it, when you're right be quiet." I showed the article to my son-in-law to be.  Martin and I are just about at 27 years married and I have no such secret to share.  We have done all the wrong things.  Gone to bed angry, not admitted, and not been quiet, not had fun when we should have. You name it.  If we are like those couples who've been married for 60-some years, we still have decades to practice, though.

We've had plenty of blessings and plenty of hardships, like anybody else.  Now that we have more time, it seems we are starting again from scratch.  It is a bumpy transition and I still haven't found a rhythm.  There is no secret other than grace.  You must learn to give it and receive it.  And selfishness. You must give it up, try your best, any how.  Believe it or not, You are Not the Center of The Universe.

Ok, now we're in Lent.  I'll just share a song I've listened to a couple of times this week in rediscovering a CD we bought at a concert of the Blind Boys of Alabama.  The CD features the Blind Boys with Ben Harper.  The Youtube video only has Ben Harper and no Blind Boys.  I'll post another one also so we can see the Blind Boys, too.

When we were at the concert one of the Blind Boy's talked a little bit and he said that he wakes up in the morning and thanks the Lord for another day.  I've remembered what he said a few times since then, especially because he is blind and I am not and I have lots of reasons to be thankful in the morning.

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