Monday, March 15, 2010

Reaching out to kids while there is no Sunday School

The "easy Easter crafts" came in the mail the other day.  Since we have no Sunday School kids at this point in the congregation I have figured out that these can be easily given away to all grandma's and aunts, ect. to do in their homes with the children that come on occasion, as well as to the dayhome providers one knows.

I gave four of this type of thing to one grandma, who then proceeded to pour out her heart to me about her extended family. I encouraged her to just be consistent in her witness and plant the seeds whenever she can, saying something about the Lord as she has opportunity.  One never knows when these seeds sprout.  All manner of seed only comes up only in its own or the Lord's time.

There are also these nail crosses, which were a little dangerously poky looking to me, but other women thought it was no concern.  Some took them to take to some teens who might think them very cool. 

Bottomline:  this is neither hard, nor expensive and you're still sharing the story.
(If anyone would like some, I have more. :))

We also have our basement ripped apart, which precludes Sunday School at this time.  Thanks to many, this is progressing, well, and will be so much more attractive when done.


Steve Martin said...

Nice going, Brigitte, and great advice to the grandma.

You are exactly right. And the relatives of these children can surely do a mighty work of the Lord by speaking of them when they are able.

You are terrific!!! Keep it up, my friend!

Brigitte said...

Hey Steve, I think I'm just addicted to getting packages in the mail and ordering on-line, but all the things I buy are Christ-centered. So, ha.

Steve Martin said...

You are addicted, all right. To speaking of your Lord and a desire that others might know Him!

I know your type!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful and fun thing to get in the mail...and even more wonderful to share!