Thursday, March 25, 2010

More nieces and nephews

 My sister-in-law sent this, this morning.  My brother's wife is a God-sent, a wonderful woman, hard-working, kind and full of good ideas and follow-through.  Last week we celebrated the niece's birthday.  Hear the children speak English mixed with German in a Swabian accent/dialect.  See the birthday girl talk with her grandma in Germany via Skype.  Grandma checks in every morning and evening.  What a neat use of technology.  Also see hubby and me visiting. Now all the other relatives can see the birthdays.  What a long shot from the olden days, that when you emigrated you were as good as dead to the rest of the family.


Steve Martin said...

What a breath of fresh air to see your nephews and nieces having a good time and just being kids!

What fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Brigitte said...

We're blessed to have them not too far away.