Monday, March 1, 2010

For James, translation/ worse than the pope/1

On being worse than the papists:

"The pope steals from the rich widows, emperor, king, noblemen and lords.

But we rob from the poor beggars, their children, and widows and this happens also here, in this dukedom.

This is how we deal worse with the gospel than they do in the lands of Duke George or the land of the Margrave.

It means that beggars, sojourners and poor widows get devoured, and one should raise great lamentation/outcry over this,-- they are devouring bone and marrow.

So when one complains loudly over the papists, we should also look to ourselves."

... it is better to steal from the rich than from the poor, as comparative vices go.  He continues in this vein further.  But that is the context in the first link.  Just before he complains that people are not willing to feed the pastors.  Following after he discusses scripture that deal with looking after widows and orphans.

Ok, now I see you would also like the paragraphs before and after.  Just a minute.

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