Monday, February 22, 2010


Got the stuff done, I did not feel like doing today.  Not a great mood.  For that we get a great Mozart aria.

This is from an opera that we children were allowed to play the vinyl record over and over on the old record player in the house.  It's rather aggressive and a little violent, sung by a fabulous bass.  Wonderful for belting out full blast while cooking dinner.

It strikes me that this is the bass who sang on my mother's record.  


Gerhardt said...

Not in a good mood today..? Go to you tube; enter: Faith Matters
Follow the link to "Come My Soul With Singing AND/OR the one on "Mendelssohn" ! You will be lifted up dear Brigitte... Share it with Martin too.

Brigitte said...

Thank you very much. So kind. The Paul Gerhardt one I've linked to before. It is superb. Mendelssohn I'll have to watch it soon.

Today the Mozart was perfect, though.