Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just once more about Christmas

Just to be clear, there were wonderful things that happened during December.  We attended many beautiful and fun get-togethers.  Our friends and family did not forget to invite us to all kinds of things.  All of which means more than they can imagine.  Andrea and Thomas took us to Dicken's Christmas Carol, which we'd never seen before in its entirety and certainly not in live drama.  Awesome time, well performed.  I sang in two choirs and we did exciting things such sing at the legislature rotunda and in the Fort prison.  At Corcodia there were lovely concerts including the sing-along Messiah. 

My Gibbons choir is a hoot involving more comedy and teasing than singing.  It's the British people in it that make it so much fun;  the back and forth banter of British humor is an artform they have perfected as a culture.  You'd have to be there. Currently, choir members have lent me three books, I am supposed to be getting to.  One Richard Dawkins, one Oprah selection and one on Afghanistan.  I need to work on the Lutheraner, though, someone's precious old book.

We had an advent pot-luck and craft afternoon at church.  We planned a January wedding.  Life continues to be rich,  but you can keep only so busy and there are still enough hours to ruminate in.

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