Friday, February 26, 2010

i-phones/i-pods/daily hours CD

Maybe i-phones are not such a good idea, after all.  First of all they cost a lot of money and you think, how can all these people afford i-phones but not winter tires?

Secondly, since they are rather costly, portable and small, they are easily lost or stolen and nobody will return them to their original owner when forgotten somewhere because they want to keep them for themselves.  Very bad.  This one items contains people's contact lists, music, pictures, documents...  A minor disaster when lost or stolen.

Personally, I am very happy with the newer i-pod, which not only plays the music, but also records audio and video, has a pedometer and alarm clock, and uploads documents and plays radio, too.  As with the older models you can still load your podcasts and audio books.   In addition to the i-pod the old cell-phone will do.  Nobody will steal it.  I'm on a $10.00 a month pay-and-talk plan, which has always sufficed.  Unlimited texting is available but I don't use texting anymore. Stefan was the only one I texted with.  So, I'm not getting an i-phone until they are much cheaper and maybe by next year it'll be something else, anyways, that we want to use.

Lately, we've been accidentally enjoying the alarm clock feature on the i-pod.  I was just playing with the machine and set the alarm for 8:15 and chose the Matins to play for the alarm.  The first night I had the i-pod laying in the bedroom without sitting on a dock to connect to speakers.  It still work me up with the little clicking sound and the tiny built in speaker it has.  The next few days, it was sitting in the living room on the dock and we had Matins playing loudly in the living room as the alarm wakes up both the i-pod and the speaker system (the speaker system is usually in "sleep mode".)  So now I don't have the heart to change it and no matter when we get up, the Matins play at 8:15 in the living room.

Martin loves this new Concordia CD.  He says play me this, play me that, play me Vespers, etc.  I don't know, he could play it himself.  You just have to push a button or two;  it's not like playing the piano.  But this is one little service I can do for him along with all the other ones that he wants done which require the interface of technology or computer (Luddite).

I think the music and the prayers calm him down, sometimes it feels too lullaby-ish too me.  I'd rather pick up the hymn book and sing it viva voce and put a little more energy into it. 

Find the CD here.
(Pretty soon I will be asking for commissions from CPH.  I see that the Treasury of Daily Prayer price has gone back down to $29.00.  I am right out of them after giving away/selling my box of 10 from May.  I get people to try it out.  If they like it they can buy it or keep it.  If they are not using it, I'll take it back.)


Nancy said...

Ahhh, technology...what wonders it does provide. I'm with you on the cell phone limitations. I absolutely refuse to let the device rule my life. I have one because I live in the boonies and need to have an emergency device when I'm out on the wild roads...*: ) I absolutely refuse to answer it and my family gets bummed out about that. If you wait until you get home and check the voice mails on the can erase them and not get charged keeping you well within your $10.00 a month limit!

I did want an iPod 'til I saw the I will have to wait 'til those are out and the bugs are worked out before I get one....hmmm the evolution of the iWants...from Kindle to iPad and I'm still wanting...*; )

Brigitte said...

The cell phone is used in such a disruptive way by the young folks mostly, who will give priority to their calls while talking with you without even excusing themselves.

That bothers me more than even the cost and many are spending way to much on their plans. Of course, companies woo these immature customers and take them for a ride. Then they are forever distracted.

I wonder sometimes if this had something to do with my son's accident. We won't know. But the other day we had a fatal accident around here where the driver was texting another passenger in the same car, so she did not have to say it out loud for the other's to hear. I think it's a big problem.

オテモヤン said...


Nancy said...

Brigitte...Thank you for your visit to my blog...*: ) I approved your entry with Steve's and it somehow got lost in space?!? Yes, we do have mild weather for a great part of the winter, most years. This year was especially wet and cold. The rain will enable the spread of creepy crawlies in the garden...but the cold will hold back on some of the worst onslaught...*: ) Maybe this is the year for bug photography...*: )

Paul McCain said...

Just wait until you see the iPhone app version of the Treasury of Daily Prayer. It is awesome.

We hope to have it out by this June/July. It will cost $9.99 in iTunes.

Brigitte said...

Well, thanks for the info Paul McCain. We shall keep it in mind if we get the i-phone after all. :)