Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm going to cut out most of the blogging til the New Year. See some of the reasons in last post. Also I'm singing, and playing music a lot, and all women have a load of things to do at this time. I'll still read. Reading is easy. Do write and phone and come. Please, do.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you with my family's favorite cookie recipe; I've got some dough resting in the fridge: Teegebaeck.

500 gr of flour
2 teaspoons of baking powder
make a well,
in the well put
150 gr sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
2 eggs
mix the stuff in the well
cut over top: 300 gr of butter
mix all together,
put in fridge to cool

roll out and cut shapes.

We like to cut two sizes round shapes
and put jam in between.
Dust with icing sugar when serving.
See picture.

Blessed Advent and Christmas season. Much love.


Andrea said...

That's funny, I was just thinking about these cookies today and was going to ask you for the recipe. Maybe I'll make them for our purse party on the 20th :)

Brigitte said...

Hey, Sweety. Go for it. I guess we won't be swapping them.

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I am going into the city early as the weather requires slower driving. Perhaps I will stop by this afternoon for a quick visit?

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy...It must be one of those good German recipes you were talking about. You might have to teach this Canadian baker the right way of doing things. Enjoyed our visit and hoping the New Year brings more than one visit a year with you ;)
Marilyn M.

Brigitte said...

Nasty weather. I'm not going very far. Take care.

Brigitte said...

Marilyn M.!!! Nice to hear from you.

It's not very hard and looks quite sophisticated. You just need some nice shapes.

We had a good talk. Yes, let's do that again before next December. :)

The Old Geezer said...

looks good. I might give it a try

Brigitte said...

Hi "Old Geezer". How do you do? Hope you have fun with the cookies.
Blessed season to you.