Sunday, November 15, 2009

To Rabble re: abortion

This picture is of our adopted children. You can tell it was taken some time ago. We've always kept up and shared with the birth families. The children have always loved them.

Hi, dear Rabble, thanks for commenting. Your comments automatically ended up in moderation because they relate to posts more than 14 days old. The blog posts close after that.

However, I've just chosen to put the blog in moderation because I'm not going to have comments that say "your fucking GOD". Presumably you can discuss the matter without doing that. Also, if you could not call everyone "stupid", that would help. None of us are "stupid" here. We have different views, different lives, different experiences. And I don't mind vigorous discussion. I am just not going to post something here that just simply insults people, God or faith.

I'll try and address a couple of things you wrote, tomorrow. Thanks.


mur said...

i wonder why Rabble is so angry?! lol Must stem from something.

Rabble said...

Hi Mur, I almost didn't see you there!
I'm angry because for years anti-choice people have been firebombing clinics, murdering doctors and slowly chipping away at what should be a surgery available to all women.
I'm angry because 77% of these people are men.
I'm angry because you people claim to be compassionate while at the same time working to punish women for having sex.
That's where it stems from, your bullshit.

Brigitte said...

To be honest, when people posting anonymously accusing others posting anonymously, the conversation has a way of descending that irks me a lot.

Especially, when this turns into "YOU PEOPLE" and then a bunch of atrocities follow that the other "you people" supposedly committed.

I don't know anyone who firebombs or murders people or punishes people for having sex.

I do know people who have had abortions and feel that they have murdered people. They have been punishing themselves, not been punished by someone. It is some of those individuals who now feel compelled to afford other women who are rushing into an abortion a time to reconsider.

When a young woman has sex and is not ready for the responsibility, and this is usually because her boyfriend/husband or parents don't support her other than driving her to the abortion clinic, or she wants no one to know, that she is in a position where there are NO MORE EASY CHOICES. All of it can feel like "punishment" and maybe it is. (See Genesis).

The pregnancy is hard, the birth is hard, the abortion is hard, placing for adoption is hard, the single parenting is hard, heck, all of parenting even under the best circumstances is hard. All of it is hard and none of it is the fault of any pro-lifers. It is the nature of the situation. That is just HOW it is. Nobody to blame.

If a man becomes violent in any way, it is a terrible thing and he should be punished appropriately by the authorities. Nobody condones it. You might realize, however, that some of them feel that their own child/children have been "murdered" without their consent. Which is no excuse. If they are Christians they will remember the Lord's command not to take revenge.

Nobody here has claimed to be more "compassionate" than anyone else. Pro-choicers and pro-lifers are "sinners" all alike. The complaint we are making here is that many women rush into abortion without proper time to think or counsel about it or find better support. The internet we are told furthers this problem by the ease in which appointments can be made.

And, of course, we do believe that abortion is the worst of the choices because it is irreversible, final, and yes against God' ideas and most people's conscience in the long run. But we cannot force anyone not to do it. There will always be a way. Even the ancient Greeks had abortions. That is why the Hippocratic oath forbids it. We can only hope that people think about it more and that any measure that will help a women think and cope that can be put into place be put into place. Most of all, we need men and women to believe in committed relationships.

The other issue is that many, many times the boyfriends are the ones, who want this problem solved as soon as possible and are very "sweet" about helping the mother of their child to get to the abortion clinic as soon as possible. They will be very "supportive" for that one day and then the relationship usually comes to a natural conclusion.

Don't tell me that this is not a problem.

Rabble said...