Friday, November 27, 2009

To Rabble:

I don't know what kind of conversation this was supposed to be. Somebody comes to my blog calling me stupid and signs "love Rabble". Then somebody posts things like this below on another blog:

And then I'm supposed to go to other sites to find responses to what I've written here... Why would I do that? Am I looking for a "boss battle"? Hardly.

Forget it. I am not interested in games played by people posting anonymously on top of everything else.

Otherwise, if there is indeed such a person as "Rabble" in the Edmonton area, I'd love to take you for lunch; let me know. Otherwise DNFTT applies to this kind of blogging, I believe.


Rabble said...

Awww! You went and looked me up on tumblr! That's so sweet of you!

So...asking people who support me to help me out when I'm coming up against someone who is more experienced than me offends you?
...I'm sorry?

Amanda is very experienced in the anti-choice movement. She has people supporting her. I do my own research but I can't find everything, the internet is a big place. So I ask other people to lend me a hand.

Also, look close; that's not another website, that's my blogspot. As I've stated, I'm very busy so I've started to just mash all my replies to everyone on this blog into one post and I've put them up on my blog. It also makes it so that I don't have to break my reply up so that it fits in theses comment boxes.

I'm sorry if you felt offended by my analogy or by my linking my blog here. You did it when this first started so I didn't think you'd be offended by it.

The reason I put the link in the comment was because I don't expect you to follow my blog.

If you don't want to reply any more, that's fine. I just don't see how the post in my blog or linking to my blog here has any cause to offend you.


Brigitte said...

Thanks for your other comment, Rabble. You will know that all of us here wish you all the best in your life. You will know also that we are praying for you as we always do when we have concerns. You must not take it as insult. Often people who don't believe in God take this badly--like you need prayer and we don't, something condescending. But it's not like that. We pray when something bugs us, when we need something, when we think someone else needs something and when we want to give thanks.

It just means our heart goes out to you whether you care about that or not.

Also, know that nobody wants to sit in judgment over anyone. We are the first people to say that we need to have mercy and forgiveness before anything else. But we also believe the same for you and want to tell others about that.

I am not into fighting and insults when I'm my most boisterous. We think life is precious and belongs first of all to God and not to ourselves. When we have troubles we want to come up with the most constructive and God pleasing solutions to those issues. We think there is a right and a wrong. We are not into putting you down.

Now, I'm going into the Christmas season, first one after losing my son. Maybe you have something like that, too. I do wonder. It's hard. Blessed season of reconciliation in Christ,