Friday, November 13, 2009

Cooking potatoes tonight/ 10 months after

I'm cooking potatoes. They will be going into German potato dumplings for my visitors tomorrow, which will go fine with the pork roast. Now I gave away my menu. Oh, well. Dessert. I'm still thinking. Not too much. There is always left over and then we eat it.

It will be an emotional visit. We have to deal with Stefan's bikes.

I watched TV tonight at 8:00 pm on Global! I am starting to enjoy TV while going on the treadmill. I've shunned entertainment; didn't want it; couldn't stomach it all this time. Drama made me ill.

I liked the show! It was a Canadian production about a coast guard town on the West coast. It seemed pretty realistic. Everyone was divorced. Everyone had lousy parents. Everyone was drinking and going to parties. But there were consequences. The girl nearly got raped for going with stupid potheads. A young man died in a boating accident. Another needed CPR for hours. Someone got pregnant but the baby was loved. The ultrasound picture was fondled. The belly was held and the kicking baby felt. The dad wants to be involved, though she does not want to marry him. A body that was found was not a gruesome ax murder but a suicide. Somehow none of it seemed contrived.

This show was different from all those with gratuitous violence and gore, etc.. It wasn't "Seinfeldism", either, as Dr. Patrick calls it, where there never are any consequences.

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