Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clip from Love Life Conference 4, at Concordia College

Some knowledgeable young men handled the technology for the conference day. This became definitely necessary as Dr. Weise could not make it due to emergency in his family. Last minute scrambling allowed for the talks to be delivered via Skype, which was a cool solution that worked well except the video would have been better against a darker background rather than the windows. See how it looked and sounded. We also had a question and answer session via Skype.

Nevertheless, I wanted to see what kind of sound I'd get on a regular camcorder. (Meanwhile, I have also figured out how to use less memory for the clips. When you import the video, you have a choice; you simply chose the lower memory one. I know everyone else had that figured out. This clip is only 30 MB.)

In terms of sound, several of us thought it was definitely worse in Tegler center; plus Tegler was also colder. Next time, I vote for going back to the auditorium.

Dr. Patrick, who thankfully could attend in person, also did a great job, as always. At some point I'll write a summary of the day's talks.

Thanks to all who helped, participated and attended. We had hoped to have more pastors present. We often feel that the church could be much stronger on this. The seminarians were there and the professors, as well as Concordia philosophy students.

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